Charity Strip Poker Attire

It’s in good fashion to play Charity Strip Poker with clothes in good condition. Items that will actually help others (and not just yourself by getting rid of them). Keep in mind that clothes in bad shape cannot be recycled and the charity has to spend money to dispose of them. Worse, cheap stuff that falls apart quickly gets shredded and sent to landfills. 

The best way to do some good is to participate with clothes that have value for resale.

  • Jeans: All things denim are very popular resale items.

  • Professional clothes: That suit you no longer wear could help someone find a job.
  • Quality shoes: There’s over a billion pairs of unworn or barely worn shoes in people’s closets. If one of them belongs to you, consider that having them collecting dust doesn’t help anyone.

  • Accessories: Hats, gloves, jewelry and purses are useful donations. And more chips to play with.

The better you dress the more people you’ll help. With clothes that will be sold to help feed the homeless, buy books for public schools, and build new homes for natural disaster victims. And of course, help others look as dapper as you.